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Dr DaudDirector - HappyDay School System

Happy Day School is a place where young people thrive and learn to work together in a community where their opinions are valued and their success and well-being is our first concern. We think, that listening to pupils and parents about the kind of school and education that they want is important and is one of the reasons that we are such a successful school. Our pupils achieve excellent results in their examinations and we are rightly proud of them.
Happy Day School encourages the development of supportive relationships between pupils and teachers as well as teachers and parents. We focus on personal development as well as an innovative academic curriculum. We think that the confidence and encouragement that we give to our pupils helps them to achieve to the maximum.
Our pupils have a clear understanding of our values:

  • Commitment to learning
  • The development of spiritual, social, emotional and self-esteem needs,
  • Questioning, inquisitive minds.
  • Aspiration and achievement,
  • Respect and concern for others,
  • Good relationships,
  • Honesty
  • Personal responsibility.

Dr. Syed Daud Bukhari

(MBBS, M.Sc)

Minister for Elementary and Secondary Education, KPK

Education plays a prominent role in the social & moral aggrandizement of a country. Unless and until a nation is better enlightened, it is unable to cope with the challenges of the present day world. KPK government is well aware of this fact and is paying special heed to the cause of education. It is not only the public sector but also the private sector that have contributed a good deal in educating and enlightening our youth. My personal visit as chief guest to the Annual Award Ceremony of the school complemented my vision about the school. The activities and the items displayed on the day were outstanding and marvelous. The school premises also showed the upto date facilities provided.
I whole heartedly congratulate and thank the principal, staff for organizing such a marvelous event and I assure them for their full support in their future endeavors.

Sardar Hussain Babak

Minister for Social Welfare and Women Development, KPK

Education has become a vital pillar int he development of nations. The main focus of all the governments in the world s is provision of quality education. It goes with out saying that the private sector without any iota of doubt, has contributed a lot in development of this sector.

Happy day, which has become a household name, is the oldest and the finest institution of NWFP in providing quality education at a very reasonable` cost. Happy day, provides a conducive atmosphere for development of strong academic as will as personality development of a child.

I whole heartedly pray that Happy day continues to provide such quality education to the student of NWFP and that in turn will share the burden government aim to impart good education to the children of NWFP.

Mrs. Sitara Ayaz

Secretary B.I.S.E Peshawar, KPK
I visited the Happyday  School System Peshawar cantt ,along with training team ,regarding a training workshop for Private and Government schools representatives in connection with newly launched ONLINE ENROLLMENT on 6 may ,2014. At 2:00 pm. The school concerned gave honor to BISE Peshawar and arranged a very charming program by arranging videos and press coverage to the workshop.

I personally and on behalf of BISE Peshawar appreciate the cooperation and support of the Happyday School System, staff and specially Ms Amna and Principal, Mrs Mehmoona Kashif for arrangement of facilities and giving us honor and support in delivering message of online enrollment.

I wish a best future to the school, school owner and staff.

Hakeem Ullah

D.E.O Charsadda

I Rabia Anees visited the school in the capacity of chief guest in Annual AWARD Ceremony held in April 2014.I was enthralled and impressed by the school management and the student’s participation in various activities. Moreover I was also impressed by the faculty of school who were awarded for their best academics and I give special appreciation to the Principal Mehmoona Kashif and the Director Dr Syed Daud Bukhari for hosting such a grand event which I never witnessed in other school.

I assure the Principal and school management for the full support and cooperation in future.

Rabia Anees

Chairman, BISE, Peshawar

I attended Annual Award Ceremony at Happy day Nursery & School. Every wise the school is well equipped and adopted itself to the changing environment at national and international level.

Students are confident, qualified staff, mostly female and often all modern in services, they know how to teach. I really enjoyed the time I spend at the school. The school is symbolic of modern way of learning-teaching process.

With a good future to the staff, students and Dr. Syed Daud Bukhari for arranging the whole activity at school.

Dr. Shafi Afridi

PrincipalPrincipal - HappyDay School System

Happyday Nursery & School strives for excellence in academic & co-curricular programs. Our school community endeavors to be responsive, inclusive and proactive in our planning & strategies, in order to meet the challenges of maximizing the academic potential and personal growth of our gifted students. We set ourselves high standards and regularly evaluate our progress towards achieving them. We empower our teachers with the training and resources they need to deliver high quality, 21st century, teaching and learning experiences to bring out the best in our students.

Mrs. Memoona Kashif
M.Sc, M.Ed

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